Man City 115 charges will still take 'years' to conclude - Kieran Maguire

By Kieran Maguire

4th Dec, 2023 | 6:00am

Kieran Maguire: 115 Man City charges will take 'years' to conclude

It will be ‘a couple of years’ before Man City hears the verdict of their 115 financial charges.

That is the view of finance expert Kieran Maguire, who exclusively told Football Insider that claims of a trial next autumn are ‘ambitious’ due to the legal process behind the scenes.

The Daily Mail reported last week that City and the Premier League agreed a trial date to settle the club’s 115 financial charges.

Football Insider revealed last month that Liverpool are leading the push for City’s financial case to be resolved quickly.

Autumn 2024 is cited as the trial start date – around 18 months after City were charged with 115 breaches by the Premier League.

While Everton’s financial trial lasted a matter of weeks, the scale of City’s breaches means each one will be entitled to its own defence.

Maguire believes that we will have to wait years before hearing the conclusion of City’s case because of complications around the amount of evidence and the availability of the independent commission.

“I think the Daily Mail article is very much conjecture-based,” Maguire told Football Insider’s Sean Fisher.

The 115 charges will need 115 defences and therefore City’s legal advisors will be going through a very forensic and detailed analysis of the club’s activities and transactions in relation to the charges.

Therefore it’s going to take a couple of years.

So to say it’s going to take place in Autumn 2024 and be concluded by the Summer 2025 is ambitious.

When both parties are ready and the people on the independent commission have time in their calendar, only then will we have dates set for a trial.

So we could still be waiting a significant amount of time.

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